Leverage the power of cloud technologies with Adabra!

Adabra + Cloud = Magic

Amazon’s cloud offerings are extensive – and Adabra’s expertise within those is constantly growing! Whether you need to host a static website with S3, manage your DNS routings with Route 53, manage EC2 instances, or execute tasks in Lambda – partner with Adabra!

S3 – Simple Storage Service

  • Designed for 99.99R uptime
  • Host static assets for web sites, etc…
  • Use as temporary holding containers for data in ETL processes
  • Excellent tooling available

EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud

  • Many platforms available (i.e. linux, windows server, etc..)
  • Very reliable
  • Flexible – scale up, or down, as needed


  • Serverless and cost effective
  • Trigger-able – when X happens, do Y
  • Easily integrates with other cloud offerings such as S3
  • Think stored procedures for code

Adabra + Amazon Cloud = Magic!